2 - Where The Styled The Styled Things Are

2 - Where The Styled The Styled Things Are
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Image Courtesy of Adelle Cousins

Join fabulous blogger Adelle Cousins of Where The Styled Things Are on a fantastic tour of the city:

So I looked through the city and took every back alley, walked in areas I had never been, It was a really great day (without sounding like a loner) by myself just snapping away with my phone...that was the last weekend I actually had off so I really enjoyed it. I am promoting the #lazygirlsguidetofitness on the blog at the moment and it could tie in a little here too - the idea is to just do every day things and incorporate a bit of excercise...walking through the city is a great example!

Find out more about this fantastic local blogger and her favourite city spaces this Open House Perth.  




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Saturday November 1


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