Open House Perth Hot Tips

Here are some top tips to prepare your week-end.

We are just one tweet away

Open House Perth will be busy tweeting and status updating to give you all the latest and greatest information – if there are any changes to our schedule or program you’ll find them online. Links to Open House Perth’s social media can be found at the bottom of this page.

Be in the loop

If you want the latest information,  want to see who’s involved  or get some sneak previews, subscribe to our Newsletter via the Sign-Up form at the bottom of this page.

Don’t worry, be happy

Our volunteers and organisers are helping out because they love the city.  Please pack a smile and a positive attitude over the Open House Perth weekend. We will be doing our very best to make your experience a fantastic one.

Surveys, not just for mining...

We want to know about your experience. Please fill out our Open House Perth survey forms so we can improve our events in the future.

Insert coins here

Open House Perth is a not-for-profit organisation, our aim is to bring you a fantastic event. Your support, big or small, would be a great contribution to sustaining the Open House Perth weekend. Donations can be made at any Open House Perth destination on 12/13 November.

Expect the unexpected

The best laid plans sometimes go awry - have a back-up plan and be flexible when visiting Open House Perth destinations. We will be doing our very best to make your experience enjoyable.

Say Cheese!

Show us your snaps via instagram or enter the Open House Perth photo competition if you want to see your photos on the Open House Perth website and in next year’s publication? Enter Open House Perth’s photo competition! It’s free to enter and has great prizes.

Some like it hot

November in Perth can get pretty hot, and while we can’t guarantee the weather it’s a great idea to come prepared. Pack some water, and don’t forget to Slip, Slop, Slap throughout the day.

So many destinations, so little time

We recommend you plan ahead of time. It’s a good idea to make a list of your favourite destinations.  Use our publication or website’s itinerary function to plan your day, and it might help to have some back-ups just in case – you never know when a queue will pop up! We will do our best to update you via twitter and facebook and if you miss something on Saturday, don’t forget there is a Sunday schedule too.

Limited capacity

Unfortunately some projects can’t fit everyone who wants to see them.  If you are interested in a ‘by booking’ project or want to join a walking tour, enter Open House Perth’s ballot system. Keep up to date with our website for details on how to enter and key dates. Winners will be notified by email.