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Sofia Vergara Net Worth: Getherd All Details About Sofia Vergara


Sofia Vergara Net Worth

Net Worth:$180 Million

Salary:$500 Thousand Per Episode

Date of Birth:Jul 10, 1972 (51 years old)

Place of Birth:Barranquilla

Gender:FemaleHeight:5 ft 6 in (1.7 m)

Profession:Actor, Model, Comedian, Presenter, Voice Actor, Television producer


How much is Sofia Vergara's Net Worth? income and salary?

Sofia Vergara Net Worth, Sofia Vergara is a Colombian-born model, actress and spokeswoman with a her net worth at $180 million.

Sofia Vergara, the vivacious Colombian-American model and actress, started her path to fame and success when she was a teen. Her stunning looks first attracted attention when she was enrolled in a bilingual private school, which led to a variety of TV and modeling opportunities. At 17 years old she was featured in the Pepsi commercial that was aired throughout Latin America, marking her debut on television.

After several modeling assignments as well as hosting jobs on Spanish-language television channels, Vergara made a decisive step into acting. Her first big break was in 2009, when she was given the role of Gloria Delgado-Pritchett on the critically well-regarded ABC comedy "Modern Family". The character she played as a fierce funny, affectionate, and charming Colombian immigrant caught the attention of audiences around the world and earned the actress an impressive four Primetime Emmy and four Golden Globe nominations.

Due to lucrative endorsement contracts and acting pay checks, Sofia Vergara is frequently one of, if certainly not the top-paid actresses in the world. Her success on the screen of television has reverberated into the film industry and she has landed numerous important roles in motion-pictures. Additionally she earns substantial earnings from brand endorsements as well as appearing in advertisements. Additionally, she made an annual salary of $10 million as an Judge in "America's Got Talent."

Sofia has a retail empire. She has a jeans line which are exclusively sold at Walmart as well as a range of furniture, and a variety of perfumes.

In the course of a typical year, Sofia has made anywhere from $40 to $50 million from her various ventures.

Early Life

Sofia Vergara Net Worth, Sofia Vergara was born in Barranquilla, Colombia on July 10th, 1972. As the girl of a cattle rancher and household worker, a future in show business was not a possibility initially for the girl who was raised in the countryside. As a young girl her family members referred to her"Toti" as a nickname "Toti." Then she decided to pursue dental school over three years. She was on the verge of finish her education but she was struck by a sudden change of mind and chose to pursue a job as a show-business professional instead. It turned out to be an intelligent choice.

Early Modeling Career

While strolling along an Colombian beach, Sofia Vergara was approached by a photographer who was impressed with her potential. Vergara was immediately offered a job in the fields of fashion and television. While initially hesitant, Vergara eventually agreed. Her first breakthrough was when she landed the role in a Pepsi commercial in the age group of 17. She continued to take on roles in acting and modeling over the following years. Following the civil war in Colombia her family relocated into America. United States and continued her career in the entertainment business.

Initial Acting Career

Sofia Vergara initially excelled in soap operas that were Spanish-language and television programs on Univision. In the mid-1990s she was hosting major TV shows and was making her name as a TV host. In addition, she began to play acting roles for actors who spoke English. She gained the attention of many with her performance in a comedy short that was honoured at the 1995 American Comedy Awards.


In the early 2000s, Sofia Vergara truly started to establish a name for her in Hollywood. The 2002 film The Big Trouble brought her to the map, while the 2003 film The Chasing of Papi was a major success that made her a force to reckon with. The director Tyler Perry seemed to be aware of her talents and made her a part of Meet the Browns and Madea Goes to Jail. Also, she was able to make her Broadway stage debut at this period.

Modern Family

While Sofia Vergara had certainly carved her specialization in the world of film however, she took her career to a new level when she landed an important role on the TV show Modern Family. The show was among the top profitable shows ever created and ran for more than ten seasons from the time it first began in 2009. The show ended in 2020.

Modern Family Salary and Earnings

In the seasons 1 to 3, from 2009 until between 2009 and Sofia made $30,000 per episode. This is roughly $2.6 million for 3 seasons. In seasons 4 and 5, she made $90,000 for each episode, which is roughly $5 million in total. From 2014 until 2018, Sofia earned $190,000 for every season of Modern Family. This amounts to about 4 million dollars per season. In 2018, her earnings were increased to $500,000 per episode. It's about 10 million dollars per season.

(Photo taken by Getty Images/Pascal Le Segretain).)

Additional Acting Work

In addition to Modern Family, Sofia Vergara has been very busy with various other projects. Sofia Vergara worked on animated films such as the Smurfs and the animated film Happy Feet Two as well as the Emoji Movieas a voice actor. She has also been featured in films like The 2014's chef. She also appeared in a film called Hot Pursuit. was joined by the actress Reese Witherspoon in a major part in the movie Hot Pursuit.

In her career as an actor, Sofia Vergara has continued to appear in a variety of commercials for brands such as Pepsi, Xfinity, State Farm, Rooms To Go as well as Head & Shoulders. Also, she continued to model and in 2011, she became the model of CoverGirl.


As a result of the work she did in the show Modern Family,Sofia Vergara was nominated for Emmys four times in consecutive years. Also, she was nominated to win Golden Globe awards for four consecutive years.

The Career-related Earnings of a Person and the Endorsements

The bulk of her wealth is derived from her work on television - especially via Modern Family. In 2012 Vergara was the highest-earning actor on television, since she made $19 million during the year. 2013 was the year she was awarded the title of highest-earning actress on television with her earnings of greater than 35 million in that year. The year 2015 saw her net worth totaled $28.5 million. In 2016 Sofia Vergara became the top-paid TV actress three times, earning her $43 million in that year. Between June 2017 and June 2018, Sofia Vergara earned $40 million from the show Modern Familysalary and numerous brand endorsements. Between June 2018 and June 2019, she made $43 million. From June 2019 to June 2020, she made $43 million.

Sofia Vergara Career Earnings
Year Earnings
2012 $19,000,000
2013 $35,000,000
2014 $37,000,000
2015 $28,500,000
2016 $43,000,000
2017 $40,000,000
2018 $43,000,000
2019 $41,000,000
2020 $43,000,000
Total: $329,500,000

Additional Business Ventures

In the year 2011, Sofia Vergara launched her own line of clothing through Kmart. The brand was targeted towards middle-aged women. It was in 2014 that Vergara was also the first to launch her own fragrance and jewelry line.

Diagnose of Cancer

In 2000, Sofia Vergara was diagnosed with thyroid cancer following a visit to a doctor who discovered a lump in her neck. After surgery along with radiation therapy, as well as medications she was able to beat the illness. But, Vergara is still required to be on medication to maintain her metabolic rate. Because of her cancer-related experiences, Vergara started a foundation which helps families in Colombia face the consequences of cancer-related diagnoses.

My Life

The first marriage Vergara got married is to her sweet high school crush Joe Gonzalez. Vergara was only 18 when they got married. They had one son in 1992, but they divorced a year after.

In 2010, Vergara started dating Nick Loeb. They were engaged in the year 2012. After a couple of years, they decided not to proceed with their wedding.

In 2014, Vergara started dating actor Joe Manganiello. The couple was engaged after a period of six months of dating and were married in the year 2015. Unfortunately, Sofia and Joe split in mid-2023.

Real Estate

In 2014, Sofia purchased $10.6 million to purchase a massive property located in Beverly Hills, California. On July 20, 2022 Sofa as well as Joe put the house on the market to buyers for $19.6 million. The 1,100 square foot home has been completely renovated and boasts an enormous gym, pool spa, movie theater and spa.

In June of 2020, Sofia as well as Joe paid $26 million for a stunning mansion in the gated neighborhood in Beverly Park high up in the hills that make up Beverly Hills. The legendary baseball player Barry Bonds was the owner of the property from 2002 until 2014 when the house was sold at a price of $22million to an Russian billionaire.

Other Endorsement Agreements

Cover Girl

The actress signed an agreement to sign a deal with The Cover Girlcosmetics. The first commercial that she was a part of aired in 2012, much to satisfaction of the brand. As a reward for the number of commercials, printed photos and appearances, she earned $3.5 million.


The same year, she also teamed together with the famous discount chain store K-Mart and also launched her own line of clothing. A sensibly sexy and feminine line targeted at soccer moms. Vergara designed the line to ensure that busy moms could be stylish on a budget. The collection includes clothes accessories, undergarments, as well as jewelry that appear to strike a chord with her intended audience. This is a great news for K-Mart who paid her a staggering $7 million to use her name and image, as well as for assistance in developing the brand.

State Farm

It was certainly a busy year for this entertainer. She also starred in several State Farm commercial, which were hilarious and well-received by the general public. It was a win-win for all involved in exchange for the use of her talent and beauty she was paid $3.5 million.

Comcast Xfinity

Another one of her remarkable actions in 2011 was that the actress participated in a variety of funny advertisements for cable provider, Comcast. The actress also earned $2.5 million in compensation for the roles in the commercials.

(Photo from Mike Windle/Getty Images)

Diet Pepsi

To complete her extremely profitable year, she participated in a variety of commercials for the promotion of Diet Pepsi. One of the most famous was which she was in the same spot as soccer star and model David Beckham. Funny and sexually attractive, Sofia received $3.5 million for her appearance in commercials. She even went on to sign a second endorsement deal in 2013.

Rooms To Go

Then, in 2013, when the model got a furniture line through the well-known furniture retailer, Rooms to Go. In exchange for her help in establishing the line, as well as permitting the use of her name to promote the brand she was also paid $3 million.


It's probably one of her toughest but rewarding campaigns. Also in 2013. Sofia was paid to speak about her terrifying experience with thyroid cancer, and explain why she uses Synthroid to treat her hyperthyroidism. She was paid six million dollars for her work with Synthroid to help raise awareness.


She was in 2014 and recorded an advertisement of 30 seconds for the well-known company of phones, AT&T and received another $2.75 million for the project.

Head and Shoulders

In 2014, too the actress was signed to represent the well-known brand of shampoo for dandruff, Head & Shoulders. Family-oriented and cutesy the actress was paid $4 million from this deal.

Sofia Vergara's Highlights of Her Endorsement

  • Cover Girl Cover Girl $3.5 million
  • K-Mart $7 million
  • State Farm -- $3.5 million
  • Comcast Xfinity -- $2.5 million
  • Diet Pepsi - $3.5 million
  • Rooms To Go $3,000,000
  • Synthroid - $6 million
  • AT&T -- $2.75 million
  • Head and Shoulders $4 Million

The total is $35.75 million

Other Films Notable Salaries

Fading Gigolo (2013)

A raunchy comedy written and written by with John Turturro., Sofia plays the part of the supporting character "Selima". Also, the film features Hollywood celebrities Woody Allen and Sharon Stone, the film received mixed reviews, however it's generally well-liked by those who like the actors. Whatever the case, Sofia received $175,000 for her role in the film.

Mechete Kills (2013)

A action-packed comedy with Danny Trejo, Sofia Vergara plays the mother of a brothel-running undercover beauty pageant contestant. The film received mixed praises with many dissatisfied as they said that it is not as good when compared to the film's predecessor, Machete. However, a lot of people enjoyed the film. Sofia was awarded the sum of $200,000 for her role on the screen.

Chef (2014)

A comedy-drama that features the head chef "Carl Casper" (played by John Favreau) who is trying to showcase his talents, Sofia plays "Inez", "Casper's" rich, estranged ex-wife. The film has received very favorable reviews all around the film performed pretty well. Sofia also earned $450,000, which is not bad at all.

Photo taken by Ian Gavan/Getty Images.

Wild Card (2015)

A crime-thriller about a gambler addict who accepts the role of"chaperone "chaperone" so as to help him with his addiction. The movie is the remake Heat, the original 1986 Burt Reynolds classic, Heat. Sofia is the character of "Doris" also known as "DD" and was awarded $2.5 million to play the role.

Hot Pursuit (2015)

A comedy film for women featuring Reese Witherspoon and Sofia Vergara, Hot Pursuitwas the talk of the town among female lovers all over the world. Even though the beauty of the story is believed to be inferior to the looks of the leading women, Vergara took home $5.5 million for her part as a character in the movie.

"The Brits Will Be Soon (2016)

Filming is currently underway, is currently in production. Brits are comingis an American-British heist comedy featuring actors like Uma Thurman, Tim Roth and Alice Eve, as well as numerous other actors. It is expected to be a box-office hit, the film will rival the phenomenal Oceansfranchise even though Sofia is believed to be playing an supporting role however, she was still paid $1.75 millions for her performance in the film.

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