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Below Deck Down Under Where are They Now? Latest Updates on the Cast


The cast members of "Below Deck Down Under,"" that debuted on the 20th of February in 2022. They have taken on many different career paths that include yachting, cooking models, hosting podcasts fitness, fitness, and trading stocks, following their appearances on the show.

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Below Deck Below Deck

Below Deck Down Under is an American reality television series which premiered on 17 March 2022. It first aired on Peacock before shifting to Bravo. It's the third spin-off from the cult "Below Deck" franchise, which follows "Below Deck Mediterranean" and "Below Deck Sailing Yacht." The show brings viewers to Australia and crew members reside as well as work aboard a gigantic superyacht during a six-week charter season.

Aesha Scott, who is the chef of stew's star, is a well-known character from "Below Deck Mediterranean,"" She brings her expertise to the brand new story. The show added the character Captain Jason Chambers, who had been in the news before in Australia in 2019 due to an incident in which he smashed the superyacht into the wharf off the coast of Queensland.

The show provides an insight into the struggles and dramas that occur on the vessel as the crew attends to the requirements of the wealthy charter guests. The average length of each episode is ..... 43 and 54 minutes, providing viewers with an intimate look into the lifestyle of a luxury yacht.

Then, in May of 2023 the news was made public that the show would eventually be moved to Bravo. The second season premiered on July 17th, 2023. It promises new high-seas adventures as well as behind-the-scenes drama. "Below Deck Down Under" continues to delight viewers by its unique blend of quality, hard work and inter-personal dynamics set against the breathtaking landscape of Australia's coastline.

The Deck Below Down Under Where Are They Right Now?

"Below Deck Down Under" was a spinoff show which debuted in 2022 and had a cast of notable actors. Here's what they have been doing since the show's premiere:

Ryan McKeown

Ryan Chef Ryan quit his role on June 20, 2022 due to certain food-related issues. He's still cooking and sometimes publishes his cooking recipes on the internet. He was in a heated debate over Hannah Ferrier from "Below Deck Mediterranean."

Tumi Mhlongo

Tumi The second stew, is still working in the world of yachting. She makes use of social media to share her travel experiences and show off her unique tables from various charters.

Magda Ziomek

Magda was dismissed from M/Y Thalassa because of personal conflicts and also ended her offscreen relationship with Maciek. She has turned her attention on modeling and has posted her modeling efforts on Instagram.

Jamie Sayed

Jamie relocated to Florida after his appearance on season one and continued working on boats. Jamie also has a show titled "Wake up with Jamie" in which he talks about the "Below Deck Under" experience as well as sharing his love of cooking on social media.

Culver Bradbury

Culver has returned to U.S. after the first season and continues to work on various vessels along the East Coast. Culver also returned as a deckhand for season 2. Culver frequently posts workout videos to his followers.

Brittini Burton

Brittini was part of the deck crew in season 1, and then traveled across all over the U.S. with Culver instead of Australia. She switched her attention from yachting to establishing the company "Big P--sy Energy" that offers classes or retreats, as well as events that allow women to discover and embrace their sexual energy. She also posts her personal modeling and dance explorations via social networks.

Ben Crawley

Ben, who was a deckhand in the past was a deckhand before moving to Mexico and launched a company known as "Mindful Scalping" where he is a coach in the trading industry to help others earn steady daily income from the market. Ben is currently involved in a relationship with Lieke Selis.

The stars from "Below Deck Down Under" have gone on a number of different routes since their appearance in the series, and have pursued careers in yachting, cooking model, and stock trading and much more.

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