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Derek Stingley Jr Injury Update, What Happened to Derek Stingley Jr? Is Derek Stingley Jr Injured?


Derek Stingley Jr Injury Update, Houston Texans' starting cornerback, Derek Stingley Jr. has a long-term recovery time of between six and eight weeks after the injury to his hamstring in practice. There is a possibility of being put on injured reserve because of the degree of severity.

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Derek Stingley Jr Injury Update

Derek Stingley Jr., the cornerback who started for the Houston Texans, suffered an injury to his hamstring in training. The injury occurred on the final practice. After having the MRI scan to determine the extent of the injury and determine the extent of the injury, Stingley was likely to be out for up to six weeks. The injury is extremely severe and it's possible that Stingley could be put on reserve for injury.

In accordance with NFL regulations, this would mean that he must be absent for at least four games before he's able to play. But, due to the severity that the injury is likely to last more than four weeks. This means that Stingley is expected to be out for several weeks and the Texans will have to modify their defensive plans during his absence.

What Is Derek Stingley Jr?

Derek Stingley Jr Injury Update, Derek Stingley Jr., born on the 20th of June 2001, is an accomplished American football cornerback who is a player with the Houston Texans in the National Football League (NFL). Prior to entering the NFL Stingley showcased his abilities in the NCAA football league as a star player at LSU. At the time of 2022's NFL Draft, Stingley was selected as the 3rd overall selection by the Texans and was a pivotal event in the football world of his.

As a promising and young athletic player Stingley is poised to have a significant contribution to the NFL due to his defensive skills and contribution to the Texans team. As a cornerback Derek Stingley Jr. is acknowledged for his athleticism, abilities to cover, and his ability to succeed in the highly professional football world. His rise from the ranks of college football stars to becoming the best draft choice in the NFL is a testament to his dedication and skill in the game and makes him an exciting player to watch within the league.



Born 20th June, 2001 (age 22 years old)
School Louisiana State University
Current Team Houston Texans (#24 / Cornerback)
Weight 85 kg
Grandfather Darryl Stingley
Height 1.83 m
Parents Derek Stingley Sr., Natasha Stingley

Derek Stingley Jr Early Life

Derek Stingley Jr Injury Update, Derek Stingley Jr.'s early years were marked by his remarkable athleticism in football. He attended The Dunham School in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, where he established an impression. In his time at high school He scored 27, career-long interceptions which showcased his exceptional ability on the field. His accomplishments weren't without being noticed, and as a senior, he received the awarded the title of Louisiana Gatorade Football Player of the Year. This award recognizes his extraordinary contribution to the game.

Stingley Jr. was highly thought of as a top five-star recruit, and had the honor of being the best athlete in the class, according to Given his potential and potential, he made the choice to sign a contract with Louisiana State University (LSU) to continue his college football experience. In the end Derek Stingley Jr.'s early years were characterized by his remarkable accomplishments in high school football which saw him excel as an elite player, with numerous interceptions. The achievements of these players earned him recognition, and helped pave the way for his move to LSU to pursue his football professional career at the college level.

Derek Stingley Jr Career

Derek Stingley Jr Injury Update, Derek Stingley Jr.'s football career at LSU began with an impressive beginning in 2019, as a young freshman. He soon became an active player and played a crucial role in LSU's undefeated campaign that culminated with taking home the College Football National Championship. The first year of his college career, Stingley displayed exceptional skills in taking the lead in his team in the Southeastern Conference (SEC) with six interceptions and 21 passes that he defended.

His exceptional accomplishments earned him honor of being an All-SEC first-team selected by Associated Press (AP). Additionally, Stingley achieved the status of a consensus All-American with first-team accolades from prestigious organizations such as such as the AP, American Football Coaches Association, The Sporting News, Sports Illustrated, ESPN as well as USA Today.

Despite having to face some difficulties in the next season, which included having to miss three games due injuries and illness, Stingley continued to shine and was able to make the All-SEC first-team. However, his junior year was plagued with injuries that limited his participation to just three games. After this difficult time, Derek Stingley Jr. made the important choice to be a candidate in the 2022 NFL Draft, marking the next stage of his promising football career.

Derek Stingley Jr Stats









2023 Texans 9 1 0.0 0 0 0
2022 Texans 43 8 1.0 1 9 0
Career Career 52 9 1.0 1 9 0

Derek Stingley Jr Personal Life

Derek Stingley Jr Injury Update, Derek Stingley Jr. comes from a family that has a long history of football. The father of Derek Stingley Jr., Derek Stingley Sr. was a member of the Arena Football League, showcasing his family's passion for the game. Also, his grandfather Darryl Stingley, had a remarkable football career. He been a player for his team the New England Patriots in the National Football League (NFL).

The connections to the family could have contributed to Derek Stingley Jr.'s first exposure to football and led to his enthusiasm for the sport. Growing growing up with football in his bloodline, Derek Stingley Jr. has kept the family tradition alive by pursuing a thriving professional football career for himself. The family ties to the game have definitely had an impact on his career and he is now able to establish himself on the NFL as a skilled player for the cornerbacks of the Houston Texans.

What happened To Derek Stingley Jr?

Derek Stingley Jr Injury Update, Derek Stingley Jr., the cornerback who started with the Houston Texans, suffered a Achilles injury during a training session. The injury happened during the last practice, and was then assessed by one MRI scan. The results revealed that Stingley will require recovery for 6-8 weeks which is an extensive duration of time away from playing.

The injury could result in Stingley being placed in the injured reserve category, which means the player will need to miss at least four games before being able to back to full-time playing. But, due to the severity of the injury to his hamstring, his recovery could take longer than his initial period of four weeks which would leave those Texans missing one of the most important defensive players for a longer time.

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