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Is Pastor Michael Todd Arrested? Who is Michael Todd?


Is Pastor Michael Todd Arrested?, Michael Todd, former Coheed And Cambria bassist was detained in 2011 after committing an armed robbery entering a drugstore in Massachusetts in which he claimed to be carrying a bomb and demanded Oxycontin.

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Is Pastor Michael Todd Arrested?

Is Pastor Michael Todd Arrested?, It's true, Michael Todd, the former bass player from Coheed And Cambria, was indeed detained at some point in time. His arrest was made on the 10th of July in 2011, when he was charged with an armed burglary. The incident was a result of Todd visiting a pharmacy in Massachusetts and confronting the cashier with a assertion that he was carrying an explosive device and demanded large amounts from the painkiller Oxycontin.

This incident resulted in his arrest and legal process. After his incident, Michael Todd subsequently pleaded guilty to the charges. In exchange for his plea bargain and conviction, he was sentenced to one year of confinement in a home or house arrest as well as 3 years probation. Home confinement allows people to work as usual however, it confines them to their homes during off hours.

The ruling was based on the condition that Todd be allowed to continue his drug treatment and undergo periodic drug tests, which emphasized the seriousness of the charges against him.

Michael Todd? Michael Todd?

Is Pastor Michael Todd Arrested?, Michael Todd, often referred to as Mic Todd is a rock musician who is famous for his work as the bassist in the progressive rock group Coheed and Cambria. Michael Todd was born 19 August 1980 at Kingston, New York, United States. Michael Todd had a significant time with the band lasting a decade, in which he played a significant role in the music and performance.

In 2011 Michael Todd announced that he was leaving in 2011 with Coheed and Cambria and marked a pivotal point in his music career. While Michael Todd's tenure with Coheed and Cambria ended however, his contribution to the group's legacy and music remain in the minds of people who love the band. His departure ushered in the possibility of a new chapter for the band and him when they merged with others, and Todd's part in the background of Coheed and Cambria remains an essential element of their history.



Born 19 August 1980
Age 43
Country of Origin Kingston, New York, United States
Music Group Coheed and Cambria
Nationality American
Films Coheed and Cambria: Neverender, Puppet Master II, and many more.

Michael Todd Music Project

Is Pastor Michael Todd Arrested?, Michael Todd's project for solo music is dubbed Flux Forteana, and it's an ensemble effort together with guitar player Bryan Hinkley, who has been in bands such as Clutch as well as Never Got Caught, along with other musicians of talent from the Boston region. When he spoke to, Todd shared that he was dedicating his time and energy to making his own music throughout his time away in Coheed as well as Cambria.

He has stated his desire to make a solo album the time, and described it as being more simple and folk-inspired style, as opposed to the project he has been working on with His bandmate Claudio Sanchez, called The Prize Fighter Inferno. Todd gets inspiration from female folk singers such as Ani DiFranco as well as Ingrid Michaelson, which influences the lyrics he writes. Flux Forteana is Michael Todd's artistic development beyond his work as a bassist for Coheed and Cambria, showcasing his artistic versatility and love for music.

Although the project could have an entirely different musical style to his group, it provides an original and unique viewpoint that enables Todd to expand his musical possibilities and interact with his fans in a new way.

Michael Todd Playing Style

Is Pastor Michael Todd Arrested?, Michael Todd, the former bassist from Coheed and Cambria, had distinct playing style that helped create the unique sound of the band. His favorite bass is his Spector Euro, which would be frequently used in the music videos of the band as well as live performances. Through the years He also used other basses such as ESP Spector Rebop along with Fender Jazz Bass, with an emphasis upon Fender Jazz and Precision Basses during the Vans Warped Tour in 2007. Warped Tour.

The bass-playing style of Todd was an amalgamation of traditional fingerstyle playing as well as a more modern three-finger technique. He usually used the middle and index finger of the right hand play the strings, creating precise and synchronized basslines. He also occasionally integrated the technique of slapping in his playing. His bass lines were often arpeggiating the chords played the guitarists in the band, Claudio Sanchez and Travis Stever, and focusing on the fifths and octaves that correspond to his chord's primary note. This style helped create the complex and mellow character that characterizes Coheed as well as Cambria's songs making him a vital part of the group's distinctive sound.

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