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Nermin Sulejmanovic Instagram Video: killing ex-wife and himself goes viral on Twitter and Reddit


The demonstrations were horrifyingly communicated on Instagram Live. Later that very day, Nermin Sulejmanovic Instagram Video took his own life.

Instagram live transfer video of muscle head Nermin Sulejmanovic killing ex and himself circulates around the web on Twitter and Reddit

On August eleventh, Nermin Sulejmanovic Instagram Video, a 35-year-old wellness mentor from the northeastern Bosnian town of Gradacac, took to Instagram Live to perpetrate and exhibit these stunning violations.

The web based stage quickly eliminated the video. However, the harm was at that point finished. As examinations continued, it was revealed by the police that separated from his ex, Sulejmanovic gunned down a man and his child, perceived as Džengiz Onder and Džengiz Denis. Three others were harmed simultaneously, including a cop.

In another video, while sidestepping the specialists, Sulejmanovic asserted liability regarding the passings of the two people. It wasn't long after that the policing finished in a concise deadlock, bringing about his self destruction.

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Who is Nermin Sulejmanovic? The man behind the demonstrations

Nearby news associations learned about Nermin Sulejmanovic's grieved past. He experienced been in difficulty with the police previously, generally on the grounds that he was in a pack. He had been viewed as at fault for viciousness, battles, and medication related violations at least a time or two.

In the video that was brought down, the wellness mentor implied that his ex had been concealing their kid from him for over seven days. However, authorities have not had the option to affirm this case. Nobody realizes without a doubt what compelled him do what he did.

Public objection and responses

The chilling occasion evoked cross country incredulity. State head of the Bosnian Alliance, Nermin Niksic, voiced his shock, communicating, "I have no words to depict what happened today in Gradacac." Nermin Sulejmanovic Instagram Video finished up with his passing, Niksic regretted the unalterable loss of the people in question, underlining that nothing could reestablish their lives.

Local area grieves after silly demonstration by Nermin Sulejmanovic

The humble community of Gradacac is left wrestling with the fallout of this nerve racking occasion. While examinations proceed, the country grieves the silly death toll. As the world proceeds with its walk into the computerized age, the episode fills in as an unmistakable sign of the significant impacts and possible risks of web-based entertainment stages when abused.