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Ramon Najera Video: Check What Is In The Ramon Najera San Antonio TX Video Viral On Reddit, Tiktok, Instagram, Youtube, Message, And Twitter


The post depicts the occurrence that occurred in San Antonio which was caught in the viral Ramon Najera Video.

Know more subtleties on Ramon Najera. Did you see the Ramon Najera Video? Do you are familiar the terrible occurrence? A man in San Antonio was killed by two canines. The occurrence occurred in the US however the word has gotten out to different nations everywhere. The news stunned the residents of the country as the man was killed by two canines.

Ramon Najera Video is spreading on different stages so here we will examine every one of the insights concerning it.

What is in the Ramon Najera video?

Ramon Najera, a local of San Antonio kicked the bucket after two canines went after him. The two canines went after Ramon Najera and his better half. Ramon couldn't be saved while his significant other additionally got harmed and is hospitalized. The video doesn't show an assault on Ramon Najera.

The video shows that the two canines got away from in the yard of a man who was sprinkling water in the canines through the hose. We can't guarantee that the man in the video is Ramon Najera as just half video is accessible.

Ramon Najera San Antonio TX

Ramon Najera got gone after by two canines which lead to his demise. The video of police with two pitbull is getting viral via web-based entertainment. In the video, the two canines are drawing nearer to the police and yapping at them. Ramon Najera was 81 years of age when he passed on. The canine additionally gone after his significant other Janie who is 74 years of age. Notwithstanding, Janie is hospitalized and safe.

The video before the assault got Viral On Reddit. Najera had likewise served in the US Aviation based armed forces. He is depicted as a family-cherishing, gutsy, and active man. Ramon was going through his kidney treatment and was in dialysis however notwithstanding being strained about his wellbeing still up in the air to live and partake in his life without limit.

Who was the proprietor of the canines?

The two canines that killed a 81-year-elderly person were possessed by Christian Moreno. A meeting with Christian Moreno's better half is viral on Twitter. His better half apologized for what her canines did yet in addition said that his significant other Christian Moreno isn't answerable for the killing of Ramon Najera.

Furthermore, she said that they locked, fastened, and saddled the canines behind the entryway prior to going out however some way or another the canines were wrecked. The data about this occurrence is additionally accessible on Youtube. According to sources, the proprietor of the canines is captured and is currently in prison.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Who is Ramon Najera?

Ans. Ramon Najera was a 81-year-elderly person who served in the US military. Ramon Najera died after two canines went after him.

Q2. Who is the proprietor of the canines?

Ans. The proprietor of the canine was Christian Moreno who tied the canines prior to going out.

Q3. Who else the canines went after?

Ans. The canines went after Ramon Najera and his significant other. The spouse of Ramon Najera got harmed yet was hospitalized.

Q4. Is the video viral on Tiktok?

Ans. The video got viral on various web-based entertainment stages. We can't guarantee on the off chance that the video is accessible on Tiktok or not as admittance to Tiktok is inaccessible in all nations.

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