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[Updated] Temple Police Officer Funeral: Who Is Sanctuary Cop? How Could He Pass on? Really take a look at Full Data On Occurrence


The article makes sense of the Sanctuary official and how the casualty shot him. Did the Police get him? Individuals acquire subtleties by perusing Sanctuary Cop Memorial service.

What befell Sanctuary Police? How he lost his life? Who shot the Police? Did the Police capture him? When was Fitzgerald's memorial service? Did you get subtleties for any of these inquiries? Individuals from the US showed their recognitions for cops. Peruse more subtleties by perusing the Sanctuary Cop Memorial service.

Who is Fitzgerald?

Fitzgerald is a sanctuary cop. Fitzgerald is great hearted man who deals with his family well overall. Individuals like his warm-natured conduct and the grin he showers as well. He was hitched, and Fitzgerald had four youngsters. Josh Shapiro expressed that the youngsters should have been with their dad, yet the circumstance made that unthinkable. The public authority adulated Fitzgerald for his administration and for aiding nature to the local area.

Sanctuary Cop Killed

According to sources, Fitzgerald kicked the bucket on eighteenth February because of a gunfire. On the College Grounds, he attempted to stop the burglary. According to sources, the suspect was 18 years of age, and his name was Miles Pfeffer. At the point when Fitzgerald attempted to get the suspect, he had chance by the suspect in the head on numerous occasions. Pfeffer attempted to take the gun of the Fitzgerald.

According to the Police, he had chance when Fitzgerald attempted to get the suspect. Later the individual attempted to get the weapon from the cop. The episode that happened at the college is interestingly where the cop lost his life when he was on the job. More subtleties on Temple Police Officer Funeral are underneath.

Following the episode, the suspect was arrested. The suspect is gotten through the observation cameras. It likewise came to realize that miles had a ton of weapons with him, alongside the firearm.

Sanctuary Cop Memorial service: 24th February at 11.30 AM

Fitzgerald functioned as a sanctuary cop in Philadelphia. He was dead on eighteenth February because of a gunfire wound. He was benevolent essentially. Individuals are showering their affection towards him. Police captured the casualty who shot Fitzgerald.

Miles Pfeffer was accused of homicide. Many individuals are accumulated for the memorial service on Thursday night in Philadelphia. Enormous individuals extended their regard and love towards the group of the sanctuary official. Temple Police Officer Funeral happened on Friday, 24th February. The information that is assembled from various sources in the article.


As per online sources, the sanctuary official Fitzgerald was shot by Miles Pfeffer, who is 18 years of age. The occurrence occurred in North Philadelphia. He died on eighteenth February. Burial service plans are finished on 24th February from 11.30 AM in Philadelphia at House of God Basilica. Accumulate more subtleties on the web.

Did you get an adequate number of insights concerning the Sanctuary official? Share your contemplations in the beneath remark box. Temple Police Officer Funeral

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Who killed Sanctuary official Fitzgerald?

Miles Pfeffer

Q2. How was Sanctuary official dead?

Fitzgerald was dead since he was shot multiple times. From that point forward, he lay on the ground.

Q3. When did the burial service occur?

The burial service occurred on Friday 24th February at 11.30 AM.

Q4. What is the name of the sanctuary official?

Christopher Fitzgerald

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