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{Latest}Travis Kelce Ex Wife: Who is his Ex Girlfriend? Is He Playing Tonight?


The article outlines the facts regarding Travis Kelce Ex wife and the latest reports about the accusations imposed on Travis Kelce.

Have you ever heard of Travis Kelce? The American footballer has been on the news due to his personal life and relationship with his ex-wife, Kayla Nicole. The people from across the United States are curious to find out the information concerning the NFL player following his arrest and accused of committing fraud.

In this post, we'll look into the specifics about the Travis Kelce Ex Wife and the information associated with it. Stay tuned for more information.

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Disclaimer: We do not intend to harm the feelings or sentiments of those who are impacted by the information and news that we provide here is sourced from internet sources.

Details on Travis Kelce Ex Wife

Travis Kelce Ex Wife, The speculations were correct that Travis was secretly married, but hasn't revealed the details. He was in a relationship with Kayla Nicole from 2014 until 2019 but in the past his ex-girlfriend Maya Benberry, accused him of being cheating on her for a period of a month in 2017. He hosted his own dating show named Catching Kelce.

And not only that, Maya went public and reported on Twitter that, when she was with Travis, she discovered the fact that Travis and Kela were dating for more than six months. She slammed Travis American footballer for allegedly dating two women at once and committing a felony of cheating.

Who is Travis Kelce Ex Girlfriend ?

Travis Kelce Ex Wife, Travis Kelce is known for his numerous relationships. He began dating Kayla Nicole around 2014 shortly after he split from Maya Benberry. The couple separated in August of 2020, and there was talk of infidelity as the primary cause of their breakup. Nicole deleted photos of them from the social networks she used but according to the shocking news that they reunited afterward.

Travis Kelce Ex Wife, There were also reports that Travis was upset over the division of their money with the model. However, Nicole went to her Twitter account to say that the accusations imposed on them were defamatory and bogus. The couple had a great time together, and did not have any financial concerns.

Is Travis Kelce Playing Tonight ?

Travis Kelce Ex Wife, We do not know when Travis Kelce will be joining the team after his injury was sustained during the training, which meant that the team was unable to invite him to Thursday's game. However, we did observe Travis practicing again before the beginning of the second week, and we are hoping he makes his way to team in time for the coming game later in the coming week.

Travis is regarded for being one of the most powerful Kansas City Chiefs and has been among the top players within the NFL. Travis did not play in a game due to injury in the last week. his team unfortunately was not performing well. It is the very first occasion Travis was hurt so badly that he was forced to miss the game.

How do I know the status of the relationship among Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift?

Travis Kelce Ex Wife, A former NFL athlete is thought to be in a relationship with Taylor Swift but we are not certain if the report is true. Taylor is married to Travis Kelce for many years and the news of their dating was shocking to people.There is no evidence of Travis Kelce's ex-wife being involved since he's not married.

According to the most recent reports we now believe that there is the possibility of Travis Kelce will be playing in the second week of the season.


Travis Kelce is recently the subject of news due to his injury as well as the latest accusations made from an ex-girlfriend regarding his having a sexual affair with her. In addition however, there is no doubt that the NFL match is currently going with a roaring pace and interested viewers are able to watch the match on September 17, 2023. We hope to be able to see Travis Kelce in the Week 2 game.

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