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How Did American Singer Calvin Newton of Oak Ridge Pass Away? Learn about his life, death, and other details.


A great loss has lately befallen the music industry, and it comes with a heavy heart. On March 3, 2023, Calvin Newton, a renowned American gospel singer and former member of the Oak Ridge Boys, passed away at the age of 93. With his strong and soul-stirring voice, Newton impacted countless lives throughout his incredible career. Join us as we celebrate his life and legacy while learning about his amazing journey and the profound influence he had on gospel music and other genres. Continue reading.

Who was Calvin Newton

On October 28, 1929, in West Frankfort, Illinois, Calvin Newton was born. Newton experienced bullying as a child, which eventually inspired him to take up amateur boxing as a way of self-defense. Boxing not only helped him develop his physical stamina and mental toughness, but it also made him understand he wanted to defend those in similar situations to him as well.

Newton accepted an offer from a member of the Blackwood Brothers, a Southern gospel quartet, in his late teens, and thereafter set out on a journey that would forever alter his life. Soon after, he became a vocalist for the famed ensemble, beginning an amazing career in gospel music.

Newton continued to perform on stages and release records after his stint with the Oak Ridge Boys, building on his already excellent career. His performances at the Grand Ole Opry, Carnegie Hall, and several gospel festivals across the nation are just a few of his career highlights. Newton always found comfort and strength in his religion and music, spreading the joy of gospel to anybody who would listen, whatever the fluctuations of his personal life.

Duane Allen, William Lee Golden, Joe Bonsall, and Richard Sterban, members of Calvin Newton's former band, paid tribute to the late singer and reminisced about their time spent together after learning of his loss. They recalled Newton as a sincere spirit, a nice individual who consistently placed others before himself. Throughout his lengthy musical career, he had a profound impact on many people's lives with his calming voice, kind personality, and commanding presence.

Cause of death of Calvin Newton?

Cause of death of Calvin Newton? Many friends, family members, coworkers, and admirers have sent condolences and kind tributes. These serve as evidence of both his profound influence on church music and the depth of his fans' affection.

Calvin Newton Obituary

As we bid Calvin Newton, an indisputable force in the world of gospel music, farewell, we are reminded of the significance of developing deep relationships and imparting our special gifts to the world. May his incredible spirit and legacy live on via his music and the countless individuals he impacted with his passion, perseverance, and steadfast faith. Calvin, may you rest in peace and may we all be grateful for the warmth and joy you gave into our lives.

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