Social Work Scholarships The Consuelo W. Gosnell Memorial Scholarship is awarded to master’s degree candidates in social work who have demonstrated a dedication or an affinity for the American indigenous/Alaska native, Latino/Hispanic and American Native/Alaska Native. Candidate who has demonstrated a desire to working with non-profit groups or grassroots groups in the United States or public agencies are equally qualified.

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About the Social Work Scholarships and Its Namesake

Consuelo Gosnell an advocate for human rights and civil liberties in the Southwest She worked hard to improve the living conditions for American Indians and Latinos who were unserved. She worked for federal agencies, like the U.S. Department of Health, Education, and Welfare and the Bureau of Indian Affairs, for many years.

Consuelo W. Gosnell Scholarship Guidelines

Social Work Scholarships the Consuelo W. Gosnell Scholarship is given on the basis of the projected profits and the contributions made to the funds. A panel of judges evaluates applicants and selects the winner. Each scholarship is worth an maximum amount of $4,000 Ten scholarships worth $4,000 were given out in 2022-23.

Students need to meet the requirements of being NASW members and accepted or have applied to an MSW program. (Payment of this award depends on the full acceptance of the applicant for the course ).> Candidates must demonstrate the capacity to complete the MSW program and maintain an overall grade point average (GPA) that is at minimum 3.0. Students who have been at the Master of social work (MSW) for more than one year, are eligible to be eligible to apply for the Foundation to be enrolled for a part or all of their 2nd year.

Are there any criteria for the Consuelo W. Gosnell Scholarship?

  • A NASW membership in good standing is required to be eligible for an NASW Foundation Scholarship Award. The winner must remain a member the NASW Foundation throughout the period of their award.
  • Members who are in good standing can apply for a scholarship using your membership number.
  • For more details on how to apply to be considered for NASW Membership, please visit the NASW Website (Online Join). It is also possible to download and complete the NASW’s “Membership Form” found under “Online Join”. “New members will receive an email confirming to confirm their registration. This includes a password as well as a member ID. Anyone who is awaiting acceptance into an CSWE accredited program should complete their MSW application with the application form for membership.
  • Non-members are eligible to apply to NASW If: 1.) they have an undergraduate or graduate degree in social work (BSW/MSW) or are enrolled in the CSWE approved social work degree, or) in the event that you are currently enrolled or awaiting acceptance into the CSWE recognized program.
  • To be eligible applicants must be, or have plans to be taking a degree course that focuses on social work. The award is awarded in two installments at beginning of each semester: the spring and fall. Students who complete their studies before the start of the second installment is not qualified.
  • Formula for submitting an application
  • Biographical essay (two double-spaced with written pages). Essay should focus on career goals, interests in work, volunteer, and other experiences from school or field that relate to the requirements of the prize.
  • The justification for the necessity (up to one Page).
  • The applicant must submit two letters of reference from references of professional. (You can be asked to provide the names and email addresses of these reference ).>> The letters may be drafted by your professors or individuals, leaders from organizations with whom he or she has worked in some capacity, an employer/supervisor or. References from friends or family members are not acceptable. One of the references must be provided in the event that the applicant wishes to renew funding from the NASW Foundation.
  • The official transcript of the most current academic course regardless of whether it was either graduate or undergraduate. The transcript is available for photocopies.
  • Publication of information ratified by the individual signing

Only complete applications will be reviewed. Questions should be directed to:

Consuelo W. Gosnell Scholarship Recipients


  • Jary Barrios, Salem State University
  • Waldo Gonzalez University of California Los Angeles
  • Josue Higueros, Boston College School of Social Work
  • Nona Main University of Montana
  • Erika E. Mora Villegas Northeastern Illinois University
  • Adela Ramos, Florida Atlantic University
  • Jorge Saldana University of Missouri
  • Jocylynn Smith, University of Kentucky
  • Monica Unzueta University of Texas at Austin
  • Andrea Vallejo University of Illinois Chicago


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